theCourseForum is UVa’s premier course review site.

Used by nearly 80% of the UVa student body, it still had obsolete content with very little current data, until last semester. For the first time in six years, theCourseForum revamped its popular website with tons of new course information but lacked recent user-generated reviews.With our multichannel marketing campaign, we increased the number of reviews by 10% within 2 weeks. For a site that has been collecting reviews since 2006, that ain’t too shabby.


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Print Advertising

As members of the target audience, our team pondered the question, “when would I be most likely to review a course and use theCourseForum?” Our answer: when we\’re studying in the library. When we\’re pulling the all-nighters. When Red Bull is both our best friend and our worst nightmare. We started a flyering campaign during peak study-hours.

Email Marketing

Through MailChimp, we were able to develop a targeted, mobile-friendly direct email campaign. With the power of A/B testing, everything from our subject line to our call-to-action achieved open and conversion rates well above industry standard.