We architected the brand behind cutting-edge application of cryptocurrency to earn them a prestigious Knight Foundation grant.

Bitcoin provides a resilient peer-to-peer network and a transparent, verifiable ledger. The Ombuds Toolkit defines a message format (known as bulletins) and provides mobile, desktop, and web clients that lets users interact with those messages. Together, this software provides a familiar microblogging service that uses Bitcoin as the medium for immutable, public statements.

Logo Development

Ombuds is a complex platform that needs to promote several key themes: transparency, resilience, and accessibility.

It’s go time.

The Ombuds team pitched to an all-star panel of judges, including Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Peter Rojas (Engadget), Dale Dougherty (Maker Media), and Vanessa Hurst (Girl Develop It)! We found a way to condense the technical complexity of Ombuds while packing more punch into its mission statement.

We even developed a website for them!