Lewis & Clark Leadership

We worked to complete a full digital, print, and strategy campaign for Lewis & Clark Leadership.

Lewis & Clark Leadership is a nonprofit organization passionate about leadership development of the next generation. We developed and implemented a comprehensive proposal to address three key areas.


  • Web Design

  • SEO and eCommerce Optimization

  • Google Analytics and Google AdWords for Nonprofits

  • Social Media Advertising and Blogging


  • Rebranding

  • Print Advertisement Creation


  • Market Analysis

  • Business Development

  • Strategic Planning

Digital Development

Lewis & Clark already had a site designed on Squarespace, but we noticed several critical areas for development from an informational, functional, and visual design perspective. Users in the past noted outdated information and a generally unappealing layout to the site.We addressed these issues and completely redesigned the site within Squarespace, while setting up Google Analytics to begin web monitoring.

Responsive DesignMobile-Optimized


We transformed camp promotional materials from poorly laid out Word documents to high-quality, professional, and appealing brochures. Our print campaign reflected our greater mission to create a new graphic style the complemented the mission of Lewis & Clark – something bold, daring, and adventurous.

We also produced some killer multimedia


Strategy guides everything that we do; it’s our bread and butter.
Here was the table of contents:

  1. Current Market Trends

  2. Current Competitors

  3. Evaluation of Current Channels of Promotions

  4. Demographics

  5. Brand Strategic Role

  6. Opportunities for Growing the Market

  7. Future Marketing Strategies

  8. Key Issues and Resolutions