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Frequently Asked Questions.

Time commitment?

Every employee is expected to attend weekly meetings, typically lasting about an hour, but besides that, you control your own commitment. If you want to take on multiple projects and a heavier workload you can, but you have a particularly rough week then there’s no problem with taking it easy for a bit.

How are projects assigned?

When a project becomes available, a form is sent out to all employees asking for availability of people for the job. Out of that group, the individuals to work on the job are then chosen with their roles in mind.

How many people are typically on a project?

There can be anywhere from one person handling a project to a team of 3-5 people, with one individual acting as a main point of contact with the client. In the case of smaller requests, for example designing a logo, only one person would be needed.

How long does it usually take to complete a project?

The time spent on a project with a client is completely dependent on two things: the size of the project and the pace at which the client would like to complete the project. Therefore the timetable can vary from less than a week to a month or so.

Do I get paid?

Short answer, yes. Long answer, individuals are paid based on their share of the workload, sometimes tied to the value of the specific task they were responsible for in the case of larger projects.

Who is the typical client?

Typically, we work with local Charlottesville businesses, like Roots, or even CIOs here at UVA. We have experience working with non-local businesses in the past though, and continue to look to broaden our horizons.

Immediate Role Upon Hiring?

Newly hired employees will have to go through a semester of training before being able to handle a project and directly work with clients. In addition to completing training, they are expected to attend all general body meetings.