About US

We are full time students and creatives. When we are not in the classroom, we are working hard to make your brand thrive.

Meet Our team

Peyton Guthrie
Co-Managing Director
Charlotte Carr
Co-Managing Director
Hirak Shah
Head of Business Development
Lexi Magenheim
Head of Finance
Thomas Jones
Head of Design
Joseph Paquin
Head of Human Relations
Tyler Yen
Co-Managing Director
Rebecca Chung
Katelynn Nguyen
Sriram Josyula

Quick flex, our past employees now work for some of the coolest brands in the world.

Frequently asked questions

Are you students or employees?

Both. We are all full-time students, but that does not take away from the legitimacy of our company.

How do you guys get clients?

Busting our asses. We send hundreds of cold emails to businesses that we think could use a little facelift and tapping into our alumni network.

Do you guys make money?

Duh. Just like any other ad agency, our work provides great value for our clients, and we believe that deserves fair compensation.